Colorectal cancer screening


The immunological test for hidden blood in stool is a reliable method for early detection of colorectal cancer and its precursors. The SHEBO method additionally attempts to detect cancer activity in the stool.

Diagnostics / Methods:

Medical history. Consultation. iFOP test. SHEBO test.


15 minutes. Self-test for home use.


In the 3 days before as well as during the test we recommend to eat only low fiber foods, i.e. no legumes, whole grains or raw vegetables. Some foods, such as raw meat, tomatoes, cauliflower, bananas, or broccoli, can also cause a false-positive result. These should also be avoided.


Information about the result in the telephone consultation. We will report positive results to you immediately. The further course will be discussed in a medical consultation.


The iFOP test is a health insurance benefit. SHEBO test: for self-payers 52€, for privately insured according to official regulation of charges for physicians (GOÄ).


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